Ami quarter-light channel Right & Left

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315105 Ami 8 front door quarter-light metal channel (right and left)

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All Ami 6 front doors had sliding window channel fitted thereby allowing two glass panes to slide past one another to open the front window. When the Ami 8 followed on in 1969 this model’s front doors initially had the same window system. However in 1970 this was upgraded to a fixed quarter-light with the main body of the window being a single pane of glass able to go up and down courtesy of a winding handle on the inside of the door.

In between the fixed quarter-light and the moving window is a metal channel. This often corrodes, particularly at the bottom where it attaches internally within the door causing window movement malfunction. SPOG has reproduced this metal channel with the necessary fixing brackets top and bottom to Citroen’s original design