Dyane REAR door sliding window rubber channel (pack of 2)

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217193 – Dyane REAR door sliding window rubber channel (pack of 2)

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Dyane REAR door rubber sliding window channel. The fronts have been available from SPOG for some time, but there are many people who would like ventilation through the rear door windows as well. These are a direct replacement for the Spanish specification Dyanes, which were apparently not the only version offered with opening rear side windows. Unfortunately, this is NOT a full conversion kit for UK Dyanes.

These are ONLY the rubber channels, specially shaped to fit the REAR door window apertures. So you will have to source the split glass yourself, and to make life more complicated, the aperture is not parallel top and bottom. The Spanish cars have a plastic ‘wedge’ which fits in the top of the channel to make it parallel. NB plastic ‘wedge’ is shown arrowed in photos and partially inserted in another photo.

A conversion kit is under development. Please contact us for more details.