Wiper motor spring and isolator

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806101 Wiper motor spring and isolator

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Whilst SPOG 2cv Parts was having early type 2cv, Dyane and Ami wiper motors refurbished, it soon became apparent that the spring and black plastic isolator between the two brush arms were the most likely to be in poor condition. The spring tends to rust whereas the isolator simply deteriorates over time. As you can see in the picture of an old spring and isolator, the spring corrodes to lose its elasticity and ultimately snap whilst the isolator arches it back under tension with the hook end eventually breaking away. Either problem causes the wiper motor to fail.

During our research we found that many of the used, second hand wiper motors in 2cvGB’s storage unit had been robbed of these two parts (for another wiper) although the rest of the motor mechanism tended to work perfectly. Remember though, that a burnt out wiper is probably at the end of its usable life. That is unless SPOG 2cv Parts explores the potential of re-wiring such examples … not likely to be a cheap exercise though. So please regularly oil your wiper motor spindles and linkages to prevent seizure which causes the wiper motor to over-heat and burn out.

Consequently to be able to successfully refurbish these early wiper motors, new parts became a must. As patterns of new springs and isolators were necessary for the re-manufacturing process to begin, a new old stock unused Ami wiper motor was purchased for the 2cvGB Archive.The spring and isolator were then temporally removed (refitted afterwards) for appraisal by our manufacturing colleagues with the results as shown. The spring was re-manufactured to the identical shape and tension of the original. The isolator however was strengthened to improve things.

2CVGB PARTS can now supply 806101, a new spring and isolator if you prefer to refurbish a wiper motor yourself.

And finally it was decided that all SPOG’s refurbished wiper motors should have new springs and isolators fitted as standard, thereby hopefully ensuring the longevity of our product if all the other parts of the wiper mechanism are kept in good working order.

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