Dyane door bottom repair (2 pieces) per door

£41.94 inc VAT

215101 Dyane door bottom repair (two pieces)

Price varies depending on 2CVGB membership:
Full price: £41.94
2CVGB Member price: £33.55

See 215102 if you require a pair.

All prices inc VAT and post and packing

Dyane doors bottoms corrode from the outside + collect water internally and similarly rot away from the inside. SPOG’s two repair panels help to recover doors if the corrosion is not too extensive.

Both internal and external repair panels are suitably joggled to tuck under the door skin for welding into position after the damaged areas have been cut away. Once done fill door bottom with wax-oyl or equivalent (after drainage holes returned) to preserve life of door.

SPOG’s Dyane door bottom repairs will work for either front or rear doors, the purchaser cutting these items to the appropriate length.