Van side rail with extended flange (Pair)

£70.80 inc VAT

405004 Van side rail with extended flange (Pair)

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A suitable length of top hat section to repair/replace corrosion in this area. This is the main structural aspect of the cargo body.

The extended flange offers more integral material to repair the lower edge of any of the side windows, these areas being particularly prone to rusting away.

With SPOG’s panel the purchaser cuts away any excess not used for lower window repair plus fashions his/her own curved endings as desired. With care there is potentially enough material so that if one gets it wrong making the first curved ending … try again.

BEWARE when removing old, damaged and/or corroded top hat section. The wiring loom to power the rear lights usually runs down the inside of the left top hat channel. This does cause condensation explaining why the left hand side rail is particularly prone to rot out.