Serviceable 12 Volt Wiper Motors (Ami)

£105.12 inc VAT

806104 Serviceable 12volt wiper motors for the Ami (silver no holes)

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Full price: £105.12
2CVGB Member price: £84.10

All prices inc VAT and post and packing

These pre-used wiper motors (no longer available new) have been professional stripped down, serviced and tested ready for action again. Please read all attached notices regarding these items where particular attention must be paid to worn/seized wiper mechanisms and spindles.  A replacement wiper motor will burn out just as quickly as the old one did if adequate care is not taken throughout.

Please check availability before ordering.

And if you have any broken, unloved or unwanted stock of the wiper motors as pictured, then please would you kindly donate such items to SPOG  for potential re-cycling and similarly passing on to A Series enthusiast. Please contact us